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Mining Engineering & More in Brisbane

Serious Engineering for Serious Business, since 1957

Shute-Upton Engineering is dedicated to keeping Australian businesses and industry running in the harshest of conditions.

Specialising in mining engineering, the design, engineering, repair and manufacture of gears, winches and industrial parts, Shute-Upton provides a fast-response, hassle-free support system to minimise costly downtime and maximise productivity.

With a focus on transparency, accountability and collaborative problem solving and 60 years’ experience in mining engineering systems and procedures Shute-Upton’s expert team will ensure that your project, no matter how large or complex, is completed to the highest degree of precision and reliability, on time and to your specified budget.

Shute-Upton proudly serves the following industries:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Sugar Mills
  • Narrow-gauge
  • Locomotive
  • Shipping
  • Timber Mills
  • Quarry Work

  • Primary Production
  • Water Storage
  • Processing
  • Earthmoving
  • Transportation
  • Electricity Generation

What makes us different...

24/7 Emergency Services

Emergency 24/7 Service

Free Service Quotations

Free Service Quotations

All Job Dimensions

All Job Dimensions

Over 56 Years Experience

Over 56 Years Experience

Our Process

Serious engineering from beginning to end

In todays tough economic climate, downtime equates to big money, thats where Shute-Upton comes into it's own. We get the job done whilst maintaining the highest standards for service of your equipment.

From the time of your job arrives at our workshop you can rest assured in knowing that the job will be project managed, keeping you informed ensures that your project targets will come in on time and on budget.

Disassembly & Inspection

Disassembly & Inspection

Report & Quotation2

Report & Quotation

Designated Project Management3

Designated Project Management





Quality Control6

Quality Control

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